At Northern Lights Direct, we believe advertising is, first and foremost, about sales.

Our stellar track record has attracted leading organizations in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, and helped us become one of the leading full-service direct response (DR) agencies in North America.

Our DR toolbox includes DRTV, Direct Response Online and Direct Response Media Management.

Direct Response
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What Would David Ogilvy Say About Today's TV Advertising?
If the late, great David Ogilvy was still with us, what do you think he’d say about the current state of TV advertising?
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Google Search Essentials: Four Tips to Success
Google paid search is a highly sought-after solution for companies looking for the most efficient return on their advertising investment.
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DRTV: The Truth About Reach, Frequency and Impressions
Reach, frequency and impressions are integral to brand campaigns, but does audience quantification matter to DRTV? Eyeballs are great and can be useful, but they don’t guarantee success. In DR, response is still paramount. Here’s why.
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