The case study below shows how Northern Lights Direct partnered with a leading home security company to help them scale their TV advertising under a strict cost per lead and acquisition target, while building marketing share and communicating a major re-brand.


Brinks Home Security came to Northern Lights Direct as LiveWatch, a security and home automation company with products aimed at the DIY crowd. They had a major strategic initiative on the horizon (relaunching the business as Brinks Home Security) and 3 main challenges to overcome on a very tight deadline:

  • Determining the value of TV in their marketing mix.
  • Updating their legacy creative in advance of a re-brand.
  • Scaling their TV campaign efficiently.

The campaign objective was to drive leads and sales under a strict cost per lead/cost per acquisition target, while simultaneously scaling volume and building market share in the heavily crowded home security vertical.


From an attribution perspective, Northern Lights audited all data sources and recommended an attribution solution which best met LiveWatch’s needs. Our Data and Analytics team managed the implementation to ensure tracking pixels were correctly deployed and the data was flowing properly. The attribution model afforded insights into impressions, reach and outcomes across their campaign and delivered actionable insights from the initial lead through to sale.

On the creative front we reviewed their outdated legacy spot and all the creative assets they had in their possession. From there, we wrote a new script and updated the spot utilizing existing footage and newly created graphics. The spot was created in a modular format to highlight specific features and benefits and to allow for easy offer changes throughout the life of the campaign.

From a media perspective: we began with a core of historical high-performers and optimized based on the new attribution findings. To grow the campaign, using a mix of first and second-party data, we were able to extract valuable audience insights to inform the TV media and TV creative strategy including (but not limited to):

  • 56% women
  • 44% men
  • 70% married or in a relationship
  • Over index for digital subscriptions such as Netflix, Hulu, etc.
  • Detailed political, food, shopping, event and travel interests useful for behavioral and interest-based targeting.


The audience findings were combined with Nielsen Marketbreaks data to inform the media growth strategy in terms of channel and daypart selection.

Because the home security vertical is crowded and acquisition efficiency was paramount, recommendations were built with aggregated audiences on targeted networks for initial testing. This strategy mitigated some of the risk associated with testing TV while still allowing for learning with different audiences.

Networks showing promise from an efficiency perspective with the aggregated audience were then expanded with national network placement to extend reach while maintaining the aggregated audience piece to aid efficiency.


Updated creative with interchangeable offers improved efficiency 35% vs. previous spot. The new approach to media buy plus spot-level attribution enabled 4x growth of the media investment while maintaining efficiency.

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