The case study below shows how Northern Lights Direct helped a leading Home security company with their digital marketing strategy to scale leads and acquisitions through paid social and YouTube.


Brinks has always been one of the most widely recognized brands, known for dedication to security and protection. Brinks Home Security has more than 1 million home monitoring subscribers, making it one of the largest and most trusted in home security companies in the U.S.

The campaign objective was to drive leads and sales under a strict cost per lead/cost per acquisition target, while simultaneously scaling volume and building market share in the heavily crowded home security vertical.


Audience Insights

Using a mix of first and second-party data we were able to extract valuable audience insights to inform the digital and creative strategy including (but not limited to):

  • 56% women.
  • 44% men.
  • 70% married or in a relationship.
  • Heavy mobile users, specifically Android.
  • Over index for digital subscriptions such as Netflix, Hulu, etc.
  • Heavily over indexed for specific geos like Indianapolis, Detroit, Ohio, Florida, Dallas, Las Vegas.
  • Detailed political, food, shopping, event and travel interests useful for behavioral and interest-based targeting.


Channel mix and budget recommendations were based on an extensive audit that was carried out over 30 days, looking at channel contribution and efficiency at each stage of the sales funnel.

Target metrics were realigned to company’s broader growth objectives and in order to define the best path forward with respect to digital strategy.


The existing digital media buy was first optimized to improve efficiencies and then scaled to hit volume targets.  New channels, targeting strategies and ad formats were added to the media buy in a predetermined order to maximize volume while maintaining CPL/CPA targets.   Channels included:

  • Facebook & Instagram Social Display: Newsfeed, Right Column, Carousel, Video and Offer ads leveraging demographic & interest-based targeting, lookalike targeting, life event targeting, custom audience targeting, and remarketing.
  • Google Display (including contextual, site specific, remarketing, custom audience, affinity and in market audience targeting, life event targeting)
  • YouTube (featuring TrueView for Action video ad format leveraging contextual, custom intent, in market and life event targeting).
  • Email (GMAIL, contextual, similar audience and custom audience targeting)
  • Pinterest


In less than 60 days after taking over their media, NLD scaled their digital media investment 13-fold while simultaneously driving a better ROI.

Brinks has exceeded their monthly targets 4 quarters in a row and is on the path for a record-breaking year in terms of customer acquisition and YOY growth.

With the support of a new brand rollout and a heavy up media strategy, market share has grown 32% while continuing to surpass quarterly acquisition and ROI targets.

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